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Spring 2023 NMT Phase I Boot Camp -VIRTUAL

This is your enrollment page for our VIRTUAL Spring 2023 NMT Phase I Boot Camp via Zoom on April 18th (full day) & April 25th (half day), 2023.  


Please do NOT enroll without PRIOR APPROVAL from NMN.

This Boot Camp is a learning experience led by NMT Program Coordinator, Diane Vines, NMT Director of Special Projects, Michelle Maikoetter and NMT Mentors and Trainers.  The schedule on April 18th will run from 9am - 4pm CST (full day) and on April 25th it will run from 1pm - 4pm CST (half day - afternoon only).

This NMT Phase I Boot Camp is a terrific way for participants to jump-start their Certification process and provides clinicians with opportunities for live learning and relationship-building. Following Boot Camp, participants will continue Phase I training online and be assigned to a Study Group that will meet virtually once per month for 10 months to review and discuss each module.  No travel is required for any aspect of this training.

The total registration cost for this NMT Phase I Boot Camp including the full NMT Training Certification for Phase I and materials is $4,500 USD.


Participants have the option of paying for the course ($4,500 USD) in full upon enrollment or paying $2,250 USD upon enrollment and the balance of $2,250 USD on or before Oct 18, 2023 (six months after enrollment/training onset).


Cancelation Policy: Refunds are not offered. If attendance at Boot Camp is no longer possible, participants may convert their Boot Camp enrollment to the traditional web-based model.

Spring 2023 NMT Phase I Boot Camp -VIRTUAL

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