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Spring 2023 NMT Phase I Boot Camp -VIRTUAL

This is your enrollment page for our VIRTUAL Spring 2023 NMT Phase I Boot Camp via Zoom on April 18th (full day) & , April 25th (half day), 2023.  


Please do NOT enroll without PRIOR APPROVAL from NMN.

This Boot Camp is a learning experience led by NMT Program Coordinator, Diane Vines, NMT Director of Special Projects, Michelle Maikoetter and NMT Mentors and Trainers.  The schedule on April 18th will run from 9am - 4pm CST (full day) and on April 25th it will run from 1pm - 4pm CST (half day - afternoon only).

This NMT Phase I Boot Camp is a terrific way for participants to jump-start their Certification process and provides clinicians with opportunities for live learning and relationship-building. Fo