The Neurosequential Model is a developmentally-informed, biologically-respectful approach to working with at-risk children.


The Neurosequential Model is not a specific therapeutic technique or intervention; it is a way to organize a child’s history and current functioning. The goal of this approach is to structure assessment of a child, the articulation of the primary problems, identification of key strengths and the application of interventions (educational, enrichment and therapeutic) in a way that will help family, educators, therapists and related professionals best meet the needs of the child.

Want to enroll in NMT training?    We offer three types of training (see below).

Type 1: NMT Online Training Series

These online, recorded sessions are taught by Dr. Perry. Attendees can participate year round. View the various series we have available to mental health professionals here.


Type 2: NMT Training Certification

NMT Training Certification is available for either Organizations or Individuals.  This year-long,  self-paced training allows participants to begin utilizing our NMT Brain Mapping Tool immediately to generate brain maps of their own.  Read more about requirements for Individuals and Organizations.

Apply for NMT Training Certification here.



Type 3:  NMT Boot Camp

  • Norwegian Boot Camp - January 20 & 21, 2021 (in person) -  Overview   Enrollment  - Oslo, Norway.

  • Denmark Boot Camp - February 10 & 11, 2021 (in person) -  Overview   Enrollment  - Silkeborg, Denmark. 

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