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Spring 2023 NME Boot Camp - VIRTUAL

This is your enrollment page for our VIRTUAL Spring 2023 NME Boot Camp via Zoom on April 18th (full day) & April 25th (half day), 2023.

This Boot Camp is an online learning experience led by NME Program Co-Coordinators Dr. Katie Lohmiller and Ms. Halley Gruber.  The schedule on April 18th will run from 9am - 4pm CST (full day) and on April 25th it will run from 1pm - 4pm CST (half day - afternoon only).


The NME Boot Camp is a terrific way for participants to jump-start their NME Trainer Program and provides educators with opportunities for live learning and relationship-building. Following the Boot Camp, participants continue to work through their NME Trainer Program via our web-based program  for approximately 11 months (no travel required).


Total cost is $4,000 and INCLUDES your full enrollment in the NME Trainer Program.  


Participants have the option of paying for the course ($4,000 USD) in full upon enrollment or paying $2,000 USD upon enrollment and the balance of $2,000 USD on or before Oct 18, 2023 (six months after enrollment/training onset).


Cancelation Policy: Refunds are not offered. If attendance at Boot Camp is no longer possible, participants may convert their Boot Camp enrollment to the traditional web-based model.

Spring 2023 NME Boot Camp - VIRTUAL

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