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2014 Fall NMT Master Clinician Series

The NMT Case-Based Training Series are sets of clinical case conferences led by Dr. Bruce Perry and attended by participants via the Internet. This teaching model has been useful for helping clinicians and frontline staff better understand the neurodevelopmental principles involved in many of the primary symptoms, as well as strengths, they see in the children they serve.

The 2014 Fall NMT Master Clinician Series consists of ten 90-minute sessions (plus two 90-minute introductory sessions for clinicians wanting more NMT context or introduction) for a total of 18 training hours.  Participate as an individual or as a group.  


The objective of this Masters Series is to provide our subscribers with more in-depth exposure to some of the specific therapeutic approaches and practices that are used in NMT-directed treatment plans. Each of the ten sessions have a guest Master Clinician with expertise and experience in a specific clinical area (see schedule). Master Clinicians have the first 20-25 minutes of each 90-minute session to present an overview of their specific therapeutic activity or approach. The remaining time is dedicated to a case discussion; the client presented will be from one of the organizations currently in the NMT Site Certification process. In collaboration with Dr. Perry, the Master Clinician guides and discusses elements of the clinical challenges posed by the presented client and his/her circumstances. The Master Clinician provides perspectives and insights from their specific clinical frame of reference.

No pre-requisite courses are needed to attend. Participants new to NMT should first view the two extra sessions for background / foundation.

This is considered an advanced training series.  Recordings will remain available for 1 year following enrollment. Recordings may be stopped, paused and/or replayed.


Session 1 - Collaborative Problem Solving: Introduction Master Clinicians: Kirk Ward (Mount St. Vincent Home) & Dr. Erica Stetson Presenting Organization: Rutland City Public Schools (VT)

Session 2 - Occupational Therapy with Maltreated Children Master Clinicians: Marti Smith, OT Presenting Organization: State of New Mexico: Children, Youth & Families Dept. (NM)

Session 3 - Therapeutic Touch in Clinical Settings Master Clinicians: Annette Jackson (Berry Street Take Two) Presenting Organization: UMCH Ohio (OH)

Session 4 - The Tile and Grout Method: Infant Mental Health Master Clinicians: Dr. Kristie Brandt (Parent-Infant & Child Institute) Presenting Organization: Yellowhawk (OR)

Session 5 - Integration of Multiple EBPs across Multiple Settings Master Clinicians: Dr. Emily Wang (Hull Services) Presenting Organization: Casey Family Programs (WA)

Session 6 - Assessment in Complex Populations (CANS & NMT) Master Clinicians: Dr. Gene Griffin (The ChildTrauma Academy) Presenting Organization: Children’s Home Society of Missouri (MO)

Session 7 - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy & NMT Master Clinicians: Dr. Dawn O’Malley (Alexander Youth Network) Presenting Organization: Kinship Center (CA)

Session 8 - Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Therapy Master Clinicians: Dr. Laura McFarland (University of Texas) and Spirit Reins

Session 9: The Life Story Method Master Clinicians: Richard Rose (LaTrobe University) Presenting Organization: RVTS (Norway)

Session 10 - The Sanctuary Model Master Clinicians: Dr. Jerry Yager (Denver Children’s Advocacy Center) Presenting Organization: The Buckeye Ranch (OH)


After making this purchase, please allow 24 - 48 hours for your account to be created.  The named (or lead) participant will receive an email with access information.  A paid invoice will be emailed separately.


NOTE - We do not offer CEUs for our online courses.


2014 Fall NMT Master Clinician Series

  • Individuals:

    Each individual subscriber will receive access to the recordings in this series and will include a case abstract and metric for each session. All sessions must be purchased as a set.


    The organization will identify a Moderator to convene a group (of up to 25 participants) into a single space for each session, logging in from a single computer which may be displayed using an LCD projector. Moderators will access the case abstract and metric to distribute via email for each session. All sessions must be purchased in a group.


    By purchasing this subscription, I affirm that all of the participants in this (whether it be an individual or a group) will be reminded that the content discussed and distributed is confidential and is only provided as part of this case-based training experience. All communications should be viewed as “Privileged Communication” unless otherwise specified. I also understand that content provided about the NMT Clinical Practice Tools, Report and Functional Brain Map are subject to Copyright and may not be copied, adapted, redistributed or distributed beyond their immediate clinical team or used in any way without specific, written permission by The Neurosequential Network. I understand that the sessions will be recorded and distributed by The Neurosequentila Network for educational purposes. The purchase of this subscription acknowledges this understanding and indicates that all participants accept the conditions as described herein.

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