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Caregiving Challenge Estimator Reports

The Caregiving Challenge Estimator (CCE) is intended to provide an estimate of the caregiving 'burden' facing a primary caregiver at a given moment in time.

Caring for children creates physical and emotional demands that can be exhausting. The time, attention and energy of any caregiver is limited. When a caregiver is depleted, it is much more difficult to meet the needs of the child. There are a number of factors that influence the internal and external resources of any caregiver, and there are other factors that increase the caregiving 'burden' (e.g., age of the child, and physical, emotional or behavioral problems).

This simple tool allows the clinician to estimate the balance between resources and demands to determine the Caregiving Reserve score; in turn, this information can help in clinical decision-making and psychoeducation for the caregivers.

As with all metrics this report is intended to supplement and not replace the clinical decision making process.

Caregiving Challenge Estimator Reports

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