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Advanced NME Trainer Program (Phase III)

This is a purchase page for the NME Advanced Trainer Program. There are requirements for participation in this year-long, self-paced course. Only NME Trainer may enroll for the Advanced NME Track (Phase III).  Be sure to seek permission before enrolling.


A school or school district may elect to have one or more of their NME Trainers go through the NME Advanced Trainer process. NME Advanced Trainers are allowed to use the NMN training materials and resources to train NME Trainers (Phase I and Phase II) in their system at a significantly reduced fee. This deeper dive into the core concepts will allow the NME Advanced Trainer to play a more comprehensive consultation role in teaching NM concepts and implementing innovations for the classroom. There are twelve modules in Phase III. This more intensive training experience will take between 9 and 12 months.

Advanced NME Trainer Program (Phase III)

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