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2020 NME Implementation Series (15 Hour)

The 2020 NME Implementation Series is a unique collection of ten 90 minute pre-recorded webinars highlighting schools and organizations that have used the Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) to play a key role in developing their ‘trauma-aware’, ‘trauma-informed’, ‘trauma-responsive’, ‘socio-emotional’ or mental health programs and practices. Each webinar is a guided conversation about the challenges and successes in this process. The webinars include support materials including outcome reports and descriptions of program development. In addition, participants will be invited to the Neurosequential Network’s monthly NME Implementation calls (live webinars focusing on implementation of the NME). These Zoom webinars will begin in 2020.


This series is an excellent way to hear directly from professionals embedded in educational systems and is a useful resource for schools, school districts and related professionals or organizations. If never exposed to the Neurosequential Model, it is an opportunity to learn more about its use in educational settings; if already engaged in the Neurosequential Network, it is an easy way to learn more about implementation and see how others have created various regulating strategies, tracked outcomes, modified classroom practice, engaged educators and administrations, developed internal capacity building processes, and solved a host of challenges facing today’s educators.


NME Implementation Webinars:


Session 1: The S.I.T.E. Framework: (Denver, CO)

Presenters: Kathleen Lohmiller & Halley Gruber, Educational Access Group


Session 2: Highland Elementary School, Columbus Public Schools: (Columbus, OH)

Presenter: Elizabeth McNally, Ph.D., Principal


Session 3: The T.I.M.E. Program: Beach High School, Long Beach Unified SD: (Long Beach, CA)

Presenter: Nathan Swaringen, LBUSD


Session 4: NME in Early Childhood Settings: (Calgary, AB, Canada)

Presenters: Elsa Campos & colleagues, Providence Schools & Community Services


Session 5: Readiness 4 Learning (R4L): Clackmannanshire Council (Scotland)

Presenter: Lesley Taylor, Clackmannanshire Educational Psychology Service


Session 6: NME at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (South Africa)

Presenters: The OWLAG Education team (featuring Michelle Williams, Nicci Glanville, Dumi Tshabalala, Inba Reddy & Martha Tshabalala)


Session 7: Implementation of the NME: Sturgeon School Division (Morinville, AB, Canada)

Presenters: Sandra Brenneis & the Sturgeon Team


Session 8: NME: Foundation for a Trauma-informed School (Tigard, OR)

Presenters: Alfonso Ramirez & the Tigard Team, Tigard High School)


Session 9: NME in Tasmania: (Tasmania, Austr