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Intro to NMT Case-based Teaching Process



1) Please do not enroll until you go to and click the red "Log in" link (upper right corner of this page). 

Enter your email address and choose a password. Then check your email for a 6 digit code and use it to confirm your site account.


2) Once confirmed, return to this page and "purchase” the free course using THE SAME email address you used to become a site member.


Allow up to 48 hours for your account creation.  You will receive an email with a link to access the course.


To return to the course in the future, go to and log-in.  Your course will be listed under “My Programs” (in the log-in drop down).




The Introduction to NMT Case-based Teaching Process is a FREE RESOURCE that provides an overview to the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT), our NMT ‘Metrics’ and our case-based teaching approach.


This model has been useful for helping clinicians and frontline staff better understand the neurodevelopmental principles involved in many of the primary symptoms, as well as strengths, they see in the children they serve.


This training features one clinical case (a 12 year old boy identified as "JB”).  His case abstract (clinical history / current issues, etc.), NMT Metric report, 90 minute case staffing and summary report are all included.


Two other webinars are included - an overview of the Neurosequential Model itself and then a more detailed description of the development / implementation of the NMT Clinical Practice Tools (aka Functional Brain Maps).  The combination of these components provides a more in-depth understanding of the NMT.


No pre-requisite courses are needed to attend. No screen shots or screen recordings are permitted.  We do not offer CEUs for our online courses.


Join as an Individual or as a Group - see guidelines on right.

Intro to NMT Case-based Teaching Process

  • Individuals:

    Each individual subscriber will receive access to the training via email.


    An organization must identify a Moderator to create a single username/password to enroll in the training.  The Moderator will convene a group (of up to 25 participants) into a single space and display the training via an LCD projector. Alternately, a Moderator may host a Zoom (or similar platform) meeting and share their screen with up to 25 participants.  


    No screen shots or screen recordings are permitted. All content is considered Privileged Communication and is to be treated in the same way confidential material is treated by clinicians.


    By purchasing this subscription, I affirm that all participants (whether it be an individual or a group) will be reminded that the content discussed and distributed is confidential and is only provided as part of this case-based training experience. All communications should be viewed as “Privileged Communication” unless otherwise specified. I also understand that content provided about the NMT Clinical Practice Tools, Report and Functional Brain Map are subject to Copyright and may not be copied, adapted, redistributed or distributed beyond their immediate clinical team or used in any way without specific, written permission by The Neurosequential Network. I understand that the sessions are being distributed by The Neurosequentila Network for educational purposes. Enrollment in this subscription acknowledges my understanding and indicates that all participants accept the conditions as described herein.

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