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Conversations about the Pandemic with Oprah Winfrey

Dr. Bruce Perry speaks with Oprah on Apple + about

stress, distress and trauma. Free resource

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NN COVID-19 Stress, Distress & Trauma Series 

The videos in this series with Dr. Bruce Perry are provided to view and share.  We have closed captioned each video. To change captions from English to another language, select "settings" (cog at bottom right), select “Subtitles/CC” then select “Auto-translate” and finally select the language of your choice.

NN COVID Series: 1 - Patterns of Stress determine Risk & Resilience

This brief (15 min) video with Dr. Bruce Perry discusses how the pattern of stress can determine risk or resilience.  The importance of structure, predicability and moderation of daily stress is highlighted.  The malleability of the capacity to demonstrate resilience is discussed.

NN COVID Series: 2 - Understanding State-dependent Functioning

This brief (22 min) video with Dr. Bruce Perry reviews how stress and distress change the way we think, feel and behave.  The relevance for the current pandemic is discussed.

NN COVID Series: 3 - Emotional Contagion

In this brief (20 min) video, Dr. Bruce Perry discusses 'emotional contagion' and talks about the power of calm.  The concept of power differential is discussed in context of human interactions and discusses the importance of calm, regulated leadership in times of stress and distress.

NN COVID Series: 4 - Sequence of Engagement

This is a brief (20 min) video describing the sequential processing of experience in the brain.  The Regulate-Relate-Reason heuristic is explained. This simple but powerful concept can help minimize miscommunication and behavioral challenges (especially with dysregulated adults and children).

NN COVID Series: 5 - Understanding Regulation

This brief (23 min) video reviews some of the basics of 'regulation' and helps viewers understand why patterned, repetitive somatosensory activity is regulating.  The primary regulatory role of dissociation is also discussed.  Very basic neuroscience about stress and regulation can help viewers understand the power of intentional regulatory practices - especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

NN COVID Series: 6 - Dosing & Spacing

This brief (25 min) video discusses elaborates on the importance of the "pattern" of stress and stress activation with a focus on the concept of 'dosing.'  What is considered a "moderate" dose of stress - why is this important in building resilience?  And what is the power of the moment?  This video presents some important background for understanding the importance of small but powerful relational moments.

NN COVID Series: 7 - Self-care & Organizational Care

This brief (25 min) video highlights the reasons self-care and organizational care are needed for individuals and organizations that work in high stress settings, or with individuals with trauma histories. Examples of integration of regulatory strategies into work-flow are provided.

NN COVID Series: 8 - Decision Fatigue

This brief (21 min) video discusses the importance of regulation during decision-making. Decision fatigue and analysis paralysis can impede the development of creative solutions during times of crisis. A few simple guidelines can improve decision-making and lead to more effective practice, programs and policy - especially when created during times of duress, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

NN COVID Series: 9 - Managing Transitions

This brief (27 min) video helps viewers understand transitions as stressors, and provides concrete strategies to help individuals and organizations struggling with transitions. This knowledge is foundational in managing the uncertain times and many transitions that are inevitable in any crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

NN COVID Series: 10 - Reward & Maladaptive Regulation using Alcohol & Substances

This brief (16 min) video provides an introduction to the reward neurobiology and how this relates to the use and misuse of alcohol and substances of 'abuse' to provide regulation and reward. The importance of understanding the neurobiology underneath 'reward' seeking behaviors is highlighted. The role that stress, distress and trauma play in altering our reward seeking and reward 'quenching' behaviors is discussed.

NN COVID Series: 11 - Sport in Healing & Resilience Building

This special one hour edition of the NM Network Series on Stress & Trauma features a conversation about the potential regulating, rewarding & healing effects of sport. The underlying rationale of the collaborative work of WeCoach and the Neurosequential Network is discussed, in part. This is a useful introduction to stress, trauma and resilience for coaches, parents, athletes and anyone interested in sport or traumatic stress.

NN COVID Series: 12 - Understanding the Power Differential

This (31 min) video discusses the dynamics of interpersonal interactions; a "power differential" is created when two people interact. A dominance hierarchy can influence emotional, social and cognitive functioning. The individual on the bottom of the power differential will have a 'state-dependent' shift in brain-functioning and feel more anxious or even threatened. The role that gender, race, role and physical proximity can play in this dynamic is discussed, as is the importance of power differential dynamics in understanding equity concepts.

NN COVID Series: 13 - The Intimacy Barrier

This (25 min) video discusses the concept of 'relational sensitivity'; when intimacy becomes an evocative cue, there can be a host of problems with forming and maintaining relationships. This is a common issue with children, youth and adults who have had inconsistent, unpredictable or abusive early caregiving.

NN COVID Series: 14 - Distributed Leadership

This (30 min) video provides an overview of the power of distributed leadership. The awareness of the neurobiological 'preferences' that we have for small group functioning and dynamics provides some insight to the inefficient forms of large group planning and program development that characterize our current child welfare, mental health, juvenile justice and early childhood systems.

The Pandemic Toolkit Parents Need

This brief, useful document is a great resource for parents.


OFFICE HOURS with Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

During “office hours,” Dr. Perry will be online and available to answer questions and for discussion. Feel free to join for any/all of the sessions that your schedule allows. Sessions will be recorded and links will be posted on this page.

Upcoming Office Hours - 2pm - 3pm EST:

To be announced

Previously Recorded Office Hours:

Fri., March 20 2020: Inaugural Community Meeting on COVID-19

Mon., March 23, 2020: Stress and Resilience

Wed. March 25, 2020: State-dependence

Fri., March 27, 2020: Emotional Contagion

Mon., March, 30, 2020: Sequence of Engagement

Wed., April 1, 2020: Understanding Regulation

Fri., April 3, 2020: Dosing & Spacing

Mon., April 6, 2020: Self-care & Organizational Care

Wed., April 8, 2020: Connecting Under Duress

Fri., April 10, 2020: Reflective Supervision with Kristie Brandt, CNM, DNP

Mon., April 13, 2020: Collaborative Problem Solving with Stuart Ablon, PhD

Wed., April 15, 2020: Adaptive Regulation: The Positive Power of Dissociation

Fri., April 17, 2020: Maladaptive Regulation: Risk from Substance Use

Mon., April 20, 2020: Teaching Under Pressure with Steve Graner & Jessica Pfeiffer Part 1Part 2

Wed., April 22, 2022: Decision Fatigue

Fri., April 24, 2020: Managing Transitions

Mon., April 27, 2020: The Arousal Continuum: CALM to ALERT - Reflect to Flock

Wed., April 29, 2020: The Arousal Continuum: ALARM to TERROR - Freeze to Flight to Fight

Fri., May 1, 2020: The Dissociative Continuum - CALM to AVOIDANCE

Mon., May 4, 2020: The Dissociative Continuum - COMPLIANCE to CATATONIA

Wed., May 6, 2020: Focus on Education

Fri., May 8, 2020: Traumatic Loss & Grief

Mon., May 11, 2020: Implicit Bias: A Neurodevelopmental View - Relational 'Sensitivity' and Our Implicit Biases

Wed., May 13, 2020: Focus on Education II with Steve Graner - Grief, Loss and Empathy

Fri., May 15, 2020: The Power DifferentialRelational Interactions & State-dependent Functioning

Mon., May 18, 2020: The Intimacy Barrier - Understanding Proxemics

Wed., May 20, 2020: Focus on Education III with Luke Graner - Regulation

Fri., May 22, 2020: Distributed Leadership - Examining the "Original" Model of Leadership in Human Groups

Wed., May 27, 2020: Sport, Music, Art: The Bedrock of True Academics - Recommendations for the "New" Educational System

Wed., June 10, 2020: Structural Racism with Habeebah Grimes - Racism in our Educational, Mental Health, Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Systems

Anti-racism Resources

Fri., June 12, 2020: Mechanisms of Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma: From Epigenetics to Education with Bruce Perry & Diane Vines

Monday, June 15, 2020: Equity, Transgenerational Trauma & Racism with Lea Denny & Stephen Bradley

COVID-19 Webinars featuring Dr. Bruce Perry

We Coach:  A Conversation on Stress & Sport  Dr. Bruce Perry and We Coach Founder, Megan Bartlett discuss the unique healing power of sport.  Topics include strategies that coaches use to buffer stress and why coaches and sport programs would be on the front lines of supporting young people through this crisis.

Staying Sane while Parenting with Shelter-in-Place!  For parents - a conversation about the challenges for parents during this COVID-19 pandemic

Double Trouble The challenge of the current pandemic coming on the heels of the devastating effects of the Camp Fire in late 2018. A discussion with the Butte County educational community about stress, distress and resilience.

Bruce Perry, MD, PhD. Staying Emotionally Close In The Time of COVID19

How do we manage in the midst of COVID-19? I reached out to one of our field's most inspiring figures: @BDPerry. Thanks, Dr. Perry for joining me on The Trauma Therapist Podcast at such short notice and for sharing your guidance for these crazy times.  - Guy Macpherson

Face Book discussion with Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Liz McIngvale and Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale focusing on the impact that Coronavirus has on children, families, and the community.

Leadership Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic A webinar from the Behavioral Health community focused on the challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic as we support our health care and mental health colleagues

Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 CrisisMental Health First Aid for Health Care Providers

This conversation with Drs. Robert Rodriquez (ER Physician), Dr. Lisa Fortuna (Psychiatrist), Dr. Epel (Psychologist) and Dr. Perry focused on specific strategies for front line healthcare workers during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Prevent Child Abuse America - A conversation with Dr. Bruce Perry

“Hope for Mental Health Community” Kay Warren with Dr. Bruce Perry - This conversation between Kay Warren and Dr. Bruce Perry focuses on the stress and challenges of the current pandemic.

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